Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sorry, no photos.

It was a really long week, not much time for blogging, but I did manage to ride to work every day. I don’t know if it was spring fever or what, but everyone seemed to be in a big hurry this week. I saw lots of accidents and crazy speeding everywhere. Coming home Thursday I took surface streets because I needed fuel. I was driving down Indian School Road, which has speed limits ranging from 35 to 45 miles per hour. Once you pass 107th Avenue it opens up and the speed limit is 45. I was going with the flow of traffic but noticed my motor was a kind of loud (mind you, I was being tailgated badly) so I glanced down at my speedo and I was doing 80. I know I don't want that ticket, so I'm going to stick to the freeway for my afternoon commutes.

Speaking of speeding, I’ve noticed one downside to wearing a full face helmet. I always wear a helmet when I ride. I used to wear a half helmet but recently switched to a full faced. With the half helmet if I went above 65 the parachute effect would come into play and it felt like my head would be ripped from my shoulders. With the full face I don't feel buffeting until about 85 and at even at that speed the wind noise is reduced dramatically. So I’ve noticed with a full face helmet I ride quite a bit faster.

Last year I took my 1st Annual Solo Motorcycle Camping Trip. I rode down to Kartchner Caverns in southeastern Arizona and stayed in the campgrounds there. It was a great trip and the caverns were spectacular, only I felt a little awkward with my tent and motorcycle camped next to the bus sized R.V.’s, as well as being alone in the family type environment. I got more than a few sideways looks. During the cavern tour, one family did warm up to me and even offered to let me use the shower in their R.V (the road must have turned me a bit primitive). I am in the middle of planning my 2nd annual trip. I’m thinking I want to stay in the desert because the high country is still a bit to cold at night for comfort. I’m hoping to find a nice primitive campground where I will fit in a little better. Sorry no pictures to post today, I took a couple with my cell phone but my phone refuses to send them to my E-mail.


Mr Motorcycle said...
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Mr Motorcycle said...

Glas you are back to posting. Nice to read what you have to say.
Keep it coming!