Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Post

I'm brand new to this blogging thing. I've been interested in motorcycles and writing for a long time, and this seems like a great medium to explore both, and maybe get a little feedback. I have to give credit to a couple of blogs that got me interested, Musings of an Intrepid Commuter and The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour.

The "the burning pigeon" in the subtitle of my blog refers to Phoenix. I used to live in Tucson. On the drive from Tucson to Phoenix, just about the time I would hit the city limits (about Baseline and I-10) there would be this awful smell. I don't what it was, burning rubber, burning hair, industrial waste, or what, but it was distinctive and awful. My old college roommate said it smelled like a burning pigeon, and the name kinda stuck with me.

I don't really know what direction this blog is going to take, just that it's going to be about motorcycles and riding around the Valley and Arizona.

My personal bike Is a 2005 sportster 1200 roadster. Although I ride a Harley, I like all things motorized with two wheels. In fact, I plan on attending an antique motorcycle show tomorrow. Rain is in the forecast, but I'm going to ride anyway, it may be a bit risky 'cause the average Phoenician is not known for their driving skills especially in the wet. Hopefully I'll get some good photos to post.

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