Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pros and Cons

I mentioned wearing a full faced helmet in my last post and thought I'd make some comments on it (using the good old pro vs. con format).

Pro: Safety. Safety. Safety! If I have an accident it should keep my beautiful face intact. (ha! ha!)

Con: Reduced peripheral vision as well as reduced hearing (at lower speeds). I've had a few cages sneak up on me, especially when I first stared wearing a full faced helmet. I don't recall ever being snuck up on wearing a half helmet.

Pro: With the tinted visor I can make faces at people without inciting a road rage incident.

Con: I look like a lollipop.

Pro: Protection from road debris. In my area there's lots of construction, and there's nothing like being behind a gravel truck only wearing a half helmet (ouch!).

Con: No wind in my face -- I feel a little isolated from the world around me.

Pro: Comfort, when it's below 50 degrees a half helmet sucks (ear flaps or not).

Con: Comfort, when it's above 100 degrees a full face is down right miserable (the vents don't seem to have much effect at all).

Pro: I can listen to my iPod through my helmet speakers.

Con: I can listen to my iPod (then I really can't hear what's going on around me).

Pro: On long rides the full faced helmet reduces fatigue.

For me the pros outweigh the cons and I will probably continue to wear a full faced helmet. Next time I ride through a bee swarm I'm sure I'll be happy about my decision.


Mr Motorcycle said...

I've tried both. I find myself agreeing with all of your pros and cons. In Minnesota, we don't have a helmet law. Therfore I choose not to wear one at all. I don't like the drag from the wind that a half helmet gives, and I can't stand the cons of a full faced helmet. I know all of the dangers of wearing none at all, so I don't want anyone commenting back with a lecture. It just feels "free-er". Not a real word of course. I guess that is why I ride. I don't like windshields either. Mind you I do not ride long touring rides for days on end. Although I would not mind the experience at least once, but I don't like getting caught in the rain. With or without rain gear, I find being stuck in the rain miserable. If I wake up and its nice, I ride, If not, I don't. I fully admit, I am a fair weather rider. I have a trailer to take my bike to the nice places I want to ride if it is a long ways away from my home. I know some people frown on that, but My bike and my butt with my low profile seat, and forward only controls aren't designed for that really long haul. Besides Like the Black Hills, in South Dakota, etc. I rather ride when I'm there and not be rode out, wet tired and cold, or hot and exhausted from the ride to there.

Desert MotoRat said...

No lectures from me. The more individual liberties we have the better. Arizona only has helmet laws for those under 18, which I think is reasonable. No windshield on my ride either (besides I hear bugs are quite nutritious). As far as the rain goes, I don't have much experience with that. The only time we get rain here is when there's NASCAR race in town.

Mrs Road Captain said...

There is a third option. You can compromise like I do and wear a 3/4 helmet. It's like the best of both worlds! My hubby did a post on my helmet...check it out here:

Desert MotoRat said...

mrs road captain,

Thanks for the tip. Both me and my son's helmets are HJC and I'm quite pleased with their quality and price.