Friday, April 11, 2008

Be carefull with what you say

I guess I shouldn't have mentioned riding through a swarm of bees. On my ride home today I encountered one of those aforementioned bee swarms. I'll be damned if one of those little buggers didn't make it straight down the back of my jacket and sting me square in the middle of my back. At the next stoplight I looked like I was having a seizure trying to get the bee out of my jacket. I must be some sort of bee magnet, because this is my third run in with bees while operating a motor vehicle -- twice on a motorcycle and once driving my semi at work. Ain't karma a bitch?


Mr. Motorcycle said...

I got stung once when I was a kid with my hand out the car window. similar shock. so un expected.

irondad said...

Maybe it's not Karma. Could be time to switch aftershaves! At least it wasn't a wasp. I once had one get in the front of my jacket and sting its way all the way around my torso before I could get stopped.

Isn't it funny how we look to other people who have no idea why we're moving like we are?

Lucky said...

There's one for the ol' riding resume: Rode through a swarm of bees.

I got a bee inside my goggles one time. I think I set a new speed record for getting to the side of the road, stopped, and removing a helmet and goggles.

Earl Thomas said...

I imagine that I've been hit numerous times while riding, however, I can only recall the times when I got nailed on the neck (the only spot that isn't protected in the summer months).

The funniest one that I recall, was during a pre-flight in a twin engined Cessna, I was just finishing my pre-flight when a bee flew in through the open window on my side of the cockpit. My partner Dave, a giant of a man noticed, and began flailing his arms and squealing like a pig (the whole plane was rocking on the flight ramp), eventually he got the door opened and went running off into the distance (I don't know what he would've done had we been airborne), in the end, the bee casually flew away out the open door.......I, however, couldn't stop laughing. The whole flight home, my headset was filled with his endless excuses for his reaction, and my chuckling.

Desert MotoRat said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm hoping I won't have many more bee stories to share in the future.