Monday, May 19, 2008

But it's a dry heat

Yesterday was the first day over a 100 degrees this year and it's 110 right now, so I gave my Motoboss Cooling Vest a proper test today. Before today the warmest temperature that I'd used it in was 97 degrees. At that temperature it worked quite well and kept me cool for about an hour at freeway speeds (under 95 degrees I would actually get a little chilled). Before leaving work today, I completely soaked the vest (to the point that it was dripping) and it was 80% dry by the time I finished my 15 mile commute. It did, however, manage to keep my torso cool for the entire trip (I can't say the same for the rest of me). I forgot to mention that I wear my cooling vest under a Frank Thomas mesh armored jacket. The problem is that the jacket is black (I've got a Harley image to maintain ha, ha, ha), and at every stoplight it felt like my arms were going to burst into flames. Needless to say, I think I might see if I can find a jacket in light gray. The bottom line on the cooling vest is that it's great for my short commute but it won't hold up to long rides without stopping at regular intervals to wet it down.

On a side note: I'd like to thank the DPS motorcycle officer who cut in front of me today (missing my front tire by about a foot or so) and changed the course of a plastic bag that I would have otherwise avoided. The said bag wrapped itself around my rear brake pedal and my right boot and before I could free my foot the bag melted to my pipes (at least I didn't lock my rear brake in the process)!


Mr. Motorcycle said...

But it's a dry heat!

I don't know what is worse. Minnesota's freeking cold weather, or Arizona's Scalding Hot weather.

There is no happy medium. Where is the state that is nice all year round?

Lucky said...

I'm definitely going to have to pick up one of those vests. I've got a grey Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket which has the same problem that you have with your mesh jacket: great when moving, hell when stopped

@Mr. Moto - It's a mystical land called Coastal California. The problem is there's all these other people who already live there....

Desert MotoRat said...

Mr. Motorcycle,
There's Florida and Hawaii but then they have tropical storms and hurricanes. We've got eight months of beautiful riding weather here so I guess I can put up with four months of hellish heat.

The vest has its limitations, but I think it was well worth the 35 bucks. Although I'm wondering if it will work at all once the monsoons arrive.

Earl Thomas said...

When it gets that hot around here, I like to remind myself while I sit there at the stop lights, roasting, of how I wished it were 100 degrees while I froze myself riding through the winter months.

Of course, when it's that hot, I yearn for the cold. The grass is always going to be greener at those two extremes I suppose.

Desert MotoRat said...

I recall playing that same mind game sitting at stop lights, then I remember that Flaggstaff is only a two hour ride from my house and that usually takes the edge off. My parents have a condo in Flagg and as long as I warn them before going up I can stay there whenever I want.