Thursday, May 8, 2008

The same old routine

There’s absolutely nothing exciting going on in my motorcycling adventures -- only the commute to work each day. My daily ride to work only gets exciting when I have to dodge still sleeping cagers at 4 a.m., other than that it’s a straight shot. And I mean straight. For those not familiar with the Phoenix area most all of the roads are laid out in a grid, no curves at all. My trip to work is a couple of turns to get out of my neighborhood and than 12.5 miles straight east. I've noticed myself daydreaming quite a bit on my way to work (to much traffic in the afternoon commute home to "zone-out"), and seeing that daydreaming on a motorcycle, and city streets don't really mix that well, I've started playing road games to keep my focus on the ride. My current favorite takes place in front of a concrete plant on my route. Long ago one of their trucks spilled concrete across the road and there is about a 6 inch gap in the dried concrete. If you aim just right you don't hit it at all (and I can't see the concrete in my headlight until I'm to close to adjust). I've got it down so I hit the gap about four out of five tries. There’s another half a dozen pot holes, loose manhole covers etc. that I do the same thing with on my way to work. Got any other ideas for staying focused on a routine ride?


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Sorry, Bro., can't help Ya. I don't get the luxuray of routine work comutes on my motorcycle.

Look at the good side of your mundane work comute. "You're riding!"

Desert MotoRat said...

Mr. Motorcycle,

Your right, I'll take the mundane ride over the mundane drive any day of the week.

Earl Thomas said...

You know your bored when you get excited about spilled concrete! Like Mr. Motorcycle said, at least your riding, and then there is always the weekend.

Desert MotoRat said...


I guess the concrete dodging sounds kinda pathetic huh? The last couple of days I rode I-10 into work, nothing like being tail-gated by semis at 85 mph to get the blood flowing in the morning.